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12 August, 2015

Six Letter Word

A Feature Film Drama.

Theatrical and Streaming distributed production.


The darkside that families hide from.

Theatrical / Streaming drama feature film.


Raymond and Melody's romance crashed and burned a lifetime ago, in one anguishing moment... time travel tempts a reset -- another next chance.

Theatrical / Streaming new feature film in development. Releasing Spring 2022

Snow Walk

An unexpected romance in Soeul...who knew that there was snow in Korea or even love?

Theatrical / Streaming drama feature film.

Mad Anchor Entertainment - Narrative Feature Films

Mad Anchor produces international film entertainment. Our films have inspired and connected with audiences in North America and Asia.

We are constantly on the lookout for new productions that fulfill our vision of entertaining audiences at the theater and in their homes.

Mad Anchor
Mad Anchor

Narrative Film - What is it?

To film makers, it's called 'narrative film'. For audiences worldwide, it is known as movies, films, and cinema.

The movies  you see are the collaboration of story tellers, writers, directors, actors and producers such as Mad Anchor. We look provide for your senses a timeless story that speaks both to your mind and your heart.


We first create a script of the story that everyone wans to see.


Our Line Producer and Production Manger formulate a budget that is required to make and complete the project.


The producer, director and production manager formulate a schedule for production preparation, shooting, and post production.


You tell us where and how it is to be distributed and will deliver the final product to you meeting your requirements.

Mad Anchor