Mad Anchortm Entertainment,LLC

Peter Zaharkiv

Exec Producer / CEO

The CEO of Mad Anchor, assigned to keeping the creative anchored to the production and budgets providing value for the client.

Xiaolin Yu

EP Development

The Executive Producer of Development turns the creative concept into deliverable viewable final product.

Samuel Kim

EP Production

As the Executive Producer of Production, takes care of everything behind and in front of the camera.

The Mad Anchor Team

Our team is committed to provide the most entertaining and informative motion pictures to our audience. For our clients, we commit to professionalism and business responsibility that rewards your investments in us.

About Us

Our entertainment industry experience spans decades in Hollywood forging the skills and relationships that are applied to every feature film, television and streaming video project. Not only have we delivered entertainment product but we have been training the newest filmmakers at the finest universities in Southern California and passing on our legacy.

Our Mission

We forge an entertainment product that delivers a entertaining and informing experience that is forged by our knowledge and skills.

Our Clients

Our clients over the years have ranged from the largest studios, such as Warner Bros, Disney, Universal; the commercial advertising industry for Ford, Haagen Dasz, Dorritos and Valspar; to the smartest new startups like Kloakr and SPFFit.

You could be our next client added to this list!

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